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Counseling Services

Social Counseling and Financial Advice
We provide support and answer questions regarding the organization of your life and your studies. We also give financial advice and answer questions regarding insurance. The Social Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk is open to all students of the universities in Mannheim. We offer counseling services in case of social, financial and personal problems and can give advice regarding social and financial benefits. Download your german guide here [english version will be available soon].

Contact: Doris Neubauer
Phone: 00 49 621 / 49072 - 530

Loan Office
We offer interim financial aid in case of emergencies and grant help in need, especially during the final phase of your degree course. Moreover, you can apply for a KfW loan through us.

Contact: Patrick Sullivan
Phone: 00 49 621 / 49072 - 531

Psychological Counseling

Numerous psychological studies prove that many students experience personal and study-related difficulties during their studies. Students have diverse dependencies (parents, instructors, finances) when compared to non-students of the same age. Additionally, the distance between their home and where they study often leads to a loss of social belonging to one’s peer group which in turn requires the student to be proactive, have self-discipline and confidence (getting into contact, speaking freely in front of strangers, planning and fulfilling the semester plan). Last but not least the conditions at the university are often unstructured and characterized by anonymity, performance demands, and competitive pressure. These special circumstances can lead to psychological crisis, requiring students to seek out professional assistance.

The Psychological Counseling Center (Psychologische Beratungsstelle: PBS) of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim has offered psychological counseling for over 40 years. Based on our experience we provide counseling as well as a short-term therapy for students in the Mannheim region to help them dealing with personal and study-related problems. The diverse offerings of the Psychological Counseling Center include:

  • First interviews and diagnosis with psychological testing instruments
  • Crisis intervention
  • Counseling and coaching sessions
  • Short-term therapy
  • Assistance in finding a long-term external therapist

After registration via telephone or E-Mail with the psychological counseling center, you will get an appointment within approx. 14 days for your first interview in which you can explain your situation to us. The first interview takes places directly in the office of the PBS which is located at Bismarckstraße 10 (Mensaria am Schloss / Eingang C).

Often the issues can be clarified via additional psychological questionnaires and the results are discussed in the second session which is called the diagnosis session.

Based on the information from the first interview and the diagnosis session, you will either be offered additional counseling sessions at our institution or we will help you to find an alternative treatment that suits your needs best.

The PBS team primarily works with methods of cognitive behavioral therapy and systemic therapy. The one-on-one appointments (usually between 3 and 9 sessions) usually take place on a weekly basis and last for 45-50 minutes.

In the end, the success of the counseling will be measured by psychological questionnaires. Additionally, the students are provided with suggestions on how to continue independently with the learned strategies and how to handle setbacks.

Psychological Counseling Center
(Psychologische Beratungsstelle)
Phone: +49 (0)621 49072-555
Mensaria am Schloss
Bismarckstr. 10 | Eingang C
68161 Mannhei

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