A chip card is primarily used in the Cafeterias and Cafes The ecUM-Card of the University of Mannheim, the HSCard of the Hochschule Mannheim and the new CampusCard of the DHBW Mannheim can be used for payment for various services of the Studierendenwerk as well as at the coffee and vending machines. Students from other institutions and guests can purchase a MensA-Card for a 6 Euro deposit at the Studierendenwerk Cafes at various institutions or in the Infothek  in the Bismarckstraße 10 (Mensaria am Schloss). Employees of the state of Baden-Württemberg can obtain a card through their employer as long as an agreement has been made for the cafeterias.

Loading up with Autoload- quick and easy

With the cashless Autoload process, payment at the Studierendenwerk (Mensa, Cafes, Infothek, etc.) and even at the coffee and washing machines can be made without cash and be loaded up.

Inexpensive with a chip card

Payments with the chip card make the prices more inexpensive. Payments can still be made at least at one register in all Cafeterias and Cafes with cash- however an increased price (25%) will be charged. Therefore students, employees, and other guests should pay with a chip card at our facilities.

Quick payments, less waiting

Payment with the chip card goes quicker and helps keep the lines at the registers smaller.  Chip card payments also make the accounting process easier for the Studierendenwerk. This also helps minimize errors and lowers the costs in the Cafeterias and Cafes.

Chip cards work everywhere

Whether you have a MensA-Card, ecUM, HSCard or CamusCard, your chip card can be used everywhere. A DHBW Student can be doing research at the university library and still enjoy a Lavazza in EO or Cafe Soleil.



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Student Card Service: Login 

After you register, you can change the minimum credit line as well as the amount you can load on your card, view your transactions, or deactivate or block your card if you lose it all via the Autoload platform.



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