Speiseplan - Cafeteria Musikhochschule

vom 20.05.2024 bis 24.05.2024

KW 21 Menü 1 Menü vegan
Thursday beef maultaschen (Sl,GlW,Gl,Mi,Ei,R), onion sauce (Sl,GlW,Gl,GIG,R), potato salad (Sf,Vga), fresh herbs (Vga), side salad (Vga) vegan meatballs in tomato sauce (9,Sl,GlW,Gl,Sf,So,GIG,Vga), almond basmati rice (Sc,ScM,Vga), fresh herbs (Vga), side salad (Vga)
3,00 € portion
3,00 € portion
Friday meatballs (Gl,S), vegetable arrabbiata sauce (1,9,Sw,Sl,Vga), long grain rice (Vga), fresh herbs (Vga), side salad (Vga) vegan schnitzel (Sl,GlW,Gl,Sf,So,Vga), vegan gravy (GlW,Gl,GIG,Vga), leipzig style veggies (Sl,Vga), spaetzle vegan (GlW,Gl,Vga)
3,00 € portion
3,00 € portion

Prices indicated are prices for students paying with their student card. Employees + 40%, guests | cash + 80%. All information according to product specification of the manufacturer. Cross-contamination in the cooking process cannot be ruled out. Subject to change!

Attributes:   1Colorant 2Preservative 3Antioxidant 4with flavor enhancer 5sulfurized 6blackened 7waxed 8phosphate 9acidifier 10Phenylalanine source 11Taurine 12with sweeteners 13Sodium nitrite 14Fat glaze containing cocoa 15containing caffeine 16Alcohol 17Iodized salt SwSulfur dioxide Sulfite Allergen:   EiEgg EnPeanuts GIGBarley GlCereals containing gluten GlDSpelt GlHOats GlRRye GlWWheat KrCrustaceans LuLupins MiMilk/Lactose ScNuts ScCCashew nuts ScHHazelnuts ScMAlmonds ScPPistachios ScWWalnuts SeSesame SfMustard SlCelery SoSoy Sonstiges:   BioOrganic FiFish GPoultry HHomemade LamLamb MeSeafood RBeef SPork VegVegetarian VgaVegan WGame WtMolluscs